Learn How to Sell Paracord Bracelets. I started making Paracord Bracelet as a hobby, and it turned into my full time job. I Now have 4 employees and a workshop. When people find out what I do, they always ask me how I did it. So I made this guide to help any other people out there also wondering How to Sell Paracord Bracelets.

First off, just like anything else you have to have an interest in it. Yeah the idea of being your own boss is great, but getting there is hard. So if you don’t have any interest in what you do, when it gets hard you will be more likely to give up. For me it was almost a year and a half before it really started paying off. I made some mistakes, and felt like giving up a few times, but I stuck with it. If I did have to do it again, I could make it a lot faster from what I learned from my mistakes the first time.

how to sell paracord bracelets

Here are some things you should consider if your interested in selling paracord bracelets.

  • Do you know how to make paracord bracelets?qm2
  • Do you have time to practice making them?
  • Do you have time to make Paracord Bracelets?
  • Do you have time to sell them?
  • Do you have places to sell them?
  • Do you have a computer to sell them online?

Do you know how to make Paracord Bracelets? There’s probably more than 20 different Paracord Bracelet Patterns and variations. Some braids are more popular than others, you might not know them all, but as long you can learn how. Do you have to practice making them, people won’t buy them, or pay as much if the look lose or sloppy. Do you have time to make them, when you start getting orders, or are planning to sell them at a craft fair or event. You may have to stay up late, or work weekends to be prepared.  If you sell them online, you want to be known for fast service, so you may have to stay up late to finish orders. There were a few times I had to stay up past 10 or 11 to finish orders, when I first started, just so I can get them out the next day. Do you have time to sell them, setting up a table at events or craft fairs, or resupplying orders at your local store. Do you have places to sell them, craft fairs, school events, local stores, and anywhere else you can think of. If you looking to sell them online, you will need a computer with internet. It’s harder to get started online, you just need to find a niche that makes your paracord bracelets unique. Whether it’s sports teams, a cause, school colors, or what ever else you can come up with.

If you haven’t yet you can read My Story, about how I started selling paracord Bracelets.